2012 Chicago Bears Look Like Champs According to Lance Briggs

Did I tell you how amped I was for the upcoming season?  Seriously, look at the story lines – Peyton in Denver, the battle for the Big Apple between Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow, how the Lions and Saints respond to their respective issues.

I haven’t even gotten around to my Bears yet.

The Chicago Bears will enter the 2012 season with the most talented roster this franchise has ever assembled.

That fact was not lost on Lance Briggs

“On paper, we look like a champion, but we have a lot of work to do before we can be called a champion,” Briggs said. “There were moves that were made in the offseason to bring in a lot of veteran (players). Of course, Brandon Marshall and Michael Bush just put us in a position where we’re able to transition that stuff onto the field to be a real contender.”

The Bears looked like the real deal before injuries ruined their 2011 season.  Expect big things out of the Windy City if the Bears can keep themselves healthy in 2012.

ProFootballTalk: Lance Briggs: On paper, we look like a champion


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