Drew Brees Still Not Satisfied With Bounty Evidence

Drew Brees continued his crusade against the NFL for the way the bounty investigation has been handled and the way the Saints have been portrayed as a result.  Speaking today on the Dan Patrick Show, Brees stated that the threat of further punishment may be behind some people’s reluctance to speak out on the matter.

”I really haven’t seen any hard evidence that these guys are being paid for a pay-to-injure scheme,” Brees said. ”Pay-for-performance has been lumped in with pay-for-injure.”

Brees said that coaches aren’t fighting back because they believe further sanctions are possible.

“I’ve been informed a lot of those coaches feel there are further sanctions being held over their head if they don’t cooperate with the investigation,” Brees said. “If they were to speak out on behalf of the players, maybe that’s the fear they have.”

Brees summed up his take on the NFL’s punishment: “The facts that have presented so far do not match the punishment that’s been levied.”

I counter with 2 points, Mr Brees:

  1. The rules set by the Collective Bargaining Agreement and the salary cap expressly forbid players from paying out any cash based incentives whatsoever.  Whether it was a “Pay-To-Injure” scheme or “Pay-For-Performance” is borderline irrelevant – the fact of the matter is that the Saints issued unauthorized payments to their players.  Punishments were guaranteed to be handed down.
  2. The likelihood of former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams or any other bounty whistleblower coming forward is damn near guaranteed to never happen.  This would lead to them being labeled “snitches” and being blackballed from ever working in the NFL again.  The NFL has handed down their punishments already.  It is highly they would revise and increase their punishments for anyone who speaks out.

This would all go away if Gangsta Gregg Williams was brave enough step forward and shed light on the information he shared with the NFL.  I won’t hold my breath waiting for that to occur, but it would go a long way in shutting up all of the whining coming from the players affected by the scandal.

The Dan Patrick Show: Drew Brees addresses bounties, says coaches won’t fight punishment because they fear more sanctions


One thought on “Drew Brees Still Not Satisfied With Bounty Evidence

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