Tebow Rooting For Sanchez

After watching Mark Sanchez struggle through the first few days of Jets minicamp, Tim Tebow was granted his own time with the starters.  Over multiple days.

And although it would it would lead to good things for him, Tebow is not hoping for the failure of the man ahead of him on the depth chart.

“We have a great relationship, on and off the field. It’s really very easy to say I am rooting for him. I will not root against him. I wish him nothing but the best,” Tebow said. “Now, that doesn’t mean I have to try any less, but I really think he’s done a great job. They’ve been in the AFC Championship Game twice he’s been there. He’s a good quarterback and he’ll continue to work hard and be the best he can.”

Tebow still views himself as a starter in the league.  He just doesn’t want to get another crack at it due to the ineptitude of Sanchez.  I’d still place good money on Sanchez being benched before the midway point of the season.

National Football Post: Tebow wants Sanchez to succeed


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