Drew Brees – Mr. Untouchable

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees has been begging for evidence of the existence of a bounty program within the Saints organization, even going so far as making the mistake of comparing the league’s investigation to the Bush Administration’s search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.  Brees attitude regarding the bounty scandal has rubbed one person the wrong way.  Filmmaker Sean Pamphilon the wrong way.  Back on June 1st, Deadspin.com released a report on the release of the infamous Gregg Williams audiotapes:

Pamphilon offers a tick-tock of his version of events leading up to April 5, the day the tape went public. The gist is that Fujita had been an intermediary between the production team, Gleason, quarterback and player rep Drew Brees, and the NFL Players Association.

Pamphilon recently had more to say regarding Brees.

“Drew Brees knew that this stuff existed and he’s continually said that there’s no evidence that the bounty existed. Then why is he on the phone with me two hours before I released the audio, and he’s saying to me ‘I want to see your essay before this hits the wire’? He was part of it, but he pretends like he’s not. And it’s amazing to me that this sacred cow is allowed to walk around and acting as if he’s not even involved, saying that there’s no evidence. He’s referencing weapons of mass destruction. Well, if there’s nothing to hide and there’s no evidence, then Drew, why are you calling me two hours before it’s released, trying to, quote-unquote, ‘shape it’?

The Saints dug themselves into a hole they are struggling to climb out of.  Their delusion toward their own actions has lead to a continuous back and forth through the media regarding the validity of the evidence that has been presented.  Whenever they choose to own up to what they’ve perpetrated, this story will more than likely die out within the news stream.

NFL-ATL: Drew Brees the ‘sacred cow’ of Saints, says filmmaker


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