Could Broncos Great John Elway Add ‘Owner’ to His Job Title?

From the Denver Post:

In a quarterback-crazy league, there is big pressure for Broncomania to live up to the hype. If Manning fails to win half his games for the Broncos, he will get booed in Denver, probably by some fan wearing a No. 15 jersey. If the Broncos don’t make it to the Super Bowl within the next three years, coach John Fox probably will get fired. But it’s hard to see Elway getting the ax. It’s more likely he gets Pat Bowlen’s big chair as the next owner of this franchise.

John Elway lead the Denver Broncos to two Super Bowl victories in the 90s.  This offseason, he moved the ever popular Tim Tebow to the New York Jets and replaced him with Peyton Manning.  These were two gutsy calls on Elway’s part and they could both propel him into the highest position possible within the Broncos organization.

Denver Post: Kickin’ it with Kiz: John Elway’s job title someday could include Denver Broncos owner


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