CBSSports’ Top 10 Biggest Jerks (and Top 10 Good Guys)

Do these two look like jerks to you?

Proving that as far as the media is concerned, you are the reputation that proceeds you, Chicago Bears quarterback and receiver combo Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall made Mike Freeman’s list of the Top 10 Biggest Jerks in the NFL.

No. 8: Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler: If ever there was a jerk face prototype, it would be Cutler. Plays the part well with the best smirk in the NFL. His defenders say he’s not so jerkish — that his reactions are more because he despises the media. Yes, jerks are always misunderstood. I actually believe Cutler is maturing and one day will break free of his jerk chains, but for the moment, there’s this NSFW moment.

No. 5: Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall: You may notice this list is strong at wide receiver. Jerk has apparently spread to the position and locked on like a Borg tractor beam. In some ways Marshall exemplifies this phenomenon. Multiple accusations of woman beating but no convictions. One of the most talented wide receivers in football who was run out of Denver, run out of Miami and, if his jerk chromosomes kick in again (and they will), he’ll be gone from Chicago in the near future, too.

W&L will have much, much more on Brandon Marshall later in the day.

There rest of Freeman’s Top 10 includes:

  • Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz
  • San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh
  • New York Jets defensive back Antonio Cromartie
  • Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson
  • Terrell Owens
  • New Orleans Saints
  • Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger
  • Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick

I’d never tell another man how to do his job, but I can’t help but feel as if Mr. Freeman could have used his time for an article that was a bit more productive.  Trolling is one thing, but spending an inordinate amount of time slinging insults at other grown men?  I have no respect for that whatsoever.  Freeman offered paragraphs on players he felt were jerks, but could barely muster up a sentence for the ten players he considers to be good guys.  That should give you a pretty good idea of what his aim was with this piece.

Follow the link below if you want to give yourself a headache.

Mike Freeman: NFL’s 10 Biggest Jerks: Wideouts rule, but plenty of nasty to go around


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