Plaxico Burress Not Impressed With Sanchez, Tebow

The New York Jets passed on a second season of the Plax & Sanchez Show.

If Plaxico Burress truly wants to get a job with an NFL team this upcoming season, he may want to at least provide the impression that he enjoyed playing with his former quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Throwing passive aggressive darts in Tim Tebow’s direction isn’t helping his cause either.

Plax experienced a mildly successful season with Gang Green after a two year stint in jail.  Burress recorded totals of 45 receptions, 612 receiving yards and 8 touchdown catches.  Those totals were not enough for the Jets to keep him around for a second season.  That decision seems to have soured Plaxico’s feelings toward the team.

Check out what he had to say regarding both Jet QBs in a visit with ESPN’s First Take earlier this week:

When asked if Sanchez could lead the Jets to the Super Bowl, Burress replied, “They just paid him, so I think they believe he is.”

Obviously, that wasn’t the question. Burress again was asked if Sanchez could lead the Jets to a title, not if the Jets thought he could.

“Um, I think the defense will,” Burress said. “I think they definitely have a Super Bowl defense.”

OK then. Burress is similarly unimpressed with the Jets’ new backup quarterback, Tim Tebow.

“As a starting wide receiver in the NFL, you walk out there on Sunday and line up,” Burress said. “It’s not Peyton Manning back there.”

You would think that after shooting himself in the leg, Plaxico would’ve smartened up by now.

NFL-ATL: Plaxico Burress won’t praise Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow


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