Philip Rivers Feels Pressure to Make the Playoffs Next Season

W&L covered Philip Rivers’ disappointing 2011 season and his prospects heading into 2012.  Going two years without making it to the postseason has increased Rivers’ hunger for success.

“I think having been out of the postseason two years in a row there’s a maybe even greater … hunger to get back to playing in January,” Rivers told reporters Thursday. “If there is such (a) thing as having more of a sense of urgency, then that certainly has been felt because of the outcome of the past two seasons.”

The race for the AFC West Crown may come down to two teams.  With both the Oakland Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs facing retooling periods after replacing their head coaches, they probably can’t be counted on to provide much of an obstacle for their fellow division members.  Rivers and the Chargers will face stiff competition from Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.  Seeing these two battle it out twice next season should be fun to watch.

NFL-ATL: Philip Rivers: ‘Sense of urgency’ for postseason berth | W&L: Greg Cosell: Philip Rivers Is The NFL’s Best Pocket Passer


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