Maurice Jones-Drew On the Business-Side of the NFL

“What I can say about it is this is the side of the NFL that is just as real as Sunday: it’s the business side,” said MJD. “It doesn’t get publicized as much as on the field and The Top 100 and those things, and this is what the NFL is really about.

“What I can say is that I hope that we can get something done, but to talk about it in the media is not going to help.”

Every player who sees himself as a star in the NFL should take those quotes to heart.  Upon entering the league as a rookie, teams fill these players head with the idea that they are becoming part of a family.  That’s complete B.S.  Every player is a commodity that can be traded or released at the drop of a hat.  That’s the cold-hearted truth of the NFL and these athletes should never lose sight of that fact.

USAToday: Jaguars Maurice Jones-Drew won’t air contract gripes


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