Brett Favre Would Take RGIII Over Luck


Favre spoke to NFL Network’s Deion Sanders on Friday and said he’s a [Robert] Griffin fan.

“Griffin, he’s smaller, but if I was starting a team, I’d probably of went with RG3 just because, if they can’t protect you, you got to protect yourself,” Favre said.

The peculiar thing about Favre’s choice is that certain aspects of RG3’s game remind NFL Films analyst Greg Cosell of Favre’s replacement in Green Bay:

[A] characteristic of Griffin’s play that stood out, and projects very well to the NFL, was his ability to throw from different platforms, or more descriptively, arm angles, and remain accurate. It’s especially important given his 6’3” height, an inch or two shorter than would be considered ideal for an NFL quarterback. I’m certainly not suggesting Griffin is the equal of Aaron Rodgers at this point, but that attribute has helped elevate Rodgers to elite status.”

Not sure how much I trust Favre’s scouting eye, but he is a future Hall of Famer.  His opinion does hold some weight.  Cosell’s support of RG3 tips the scales in his favor, in my opinion. More than likely, both the Redskins and Colts will be more than happy with QBs they ended up with in this past Spring’s draft.

NFL-ATL: Brett Favre would take Robert Griffin III first | W&L: Greg Cosell – RGIII > Luck


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