Percy Harvin: Money Ain’t The Issue

Percy Harvin will likely remain in Minnesota whether he’s happy about it or not.

I ended yesterday’s story by saying this Percy Harvin soap opera would most likely end with the Vikings offering a “financial apology” to the disgruntled wide receiver.

Well, that may not be necessary – Harvin’s discontent seems to be about more than just money.

From ProFootballTalk:

According to a source with knowledge of the situation, it actually isn’t about the money.  While the reason(s) for Harvin’s unhappiness remain unknown, the source explains that Harvin isn’t looking to be traded because he wants a new deal.

As the source explained it, if Harvin truly wanted a new contract, he would at least have skipped the offseason program, and quite possibly the mandatory minicamp.

So what could possibly be the issue?  Harvin himself stated this has nothing to do with cash in a statement on Twitter:



This appears to be more personal than fans realize.  This definitely isn’t Harvin’s first experience with being a disruption in the lockerroom.  CBSSports’ Mike Freeman has some interesting details on Percy’s history involving his “mentor”, Randy Moss.

Journalist Tom Pelissero first reported these facts, and since then two sources have told me the same and added slightly more detail. Go back to 2010 and Randy Moss getting the boot from Minnesota. Moss, as he’s been at almost every one of his NFL stops, was poison in the locker room, and his second tenure with the Vikings was no different.

Moss and Harvin became close friends, with Moss serving as a mentor to Harvin. Moss will not exactly enter the mentor hall of fame, but there he was shaping the young mind of Harvin. After getting released, Moss told Harvin he should do everything possible to get coach Brad Childress fired. Nicely done, mentor.

Within a week after Moss was gone, Harvin and Childress got into an expletive-filled, heated exchange, started, I’m told, by Harvin.

Several players had to pull the two men apart, fearing a physical encounter, and as they did, Harvin seconds later picked up a small weight and threw it at Childress.

Now, Harvin has requested a trade, and here we go again with the damn wide receivers.

Harvin may be looking for a new start elsewhere, but he’s too damn valuable for the Vikings to deal away.  As explained on NFL Network:


That’s not the type of production you look to get rid of, no matter how much of a distraction the player has become.

ProFootballTalk: Harvin isn’t unhappy with his contractMike Freeman: Troublesome Harvin shows he’s just another diva NFL receiver


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