Joe Vitt: Bounty Evidence My Be Tampered With Or Fabricated

Suspended interim Saints coach Joe Vitt continues to speak out against the NFL’s bounty investigation.

From the The Times-Picayune:

Vitt was incensed by the fact that the NFL shared evidence with players and the media Monday suggesting that he pledged $5,000 toward a bounty on Favre. Vitt’s name had been written next to that dollar amount and the words “QB out pool” on a handwritten note that the league used as part of its evidence, without naming the source.

Vitt said if that piece of paper was inaccurate or falsified, then it should call into question the authenticity of other pieces of the league’s supposed evidence as well.

“There’s gotta be some concerns from the league’s standpoint and anybody’s standpoint about the authenticity of any of these documents. I think that’s a huge concern,” Vitt said. “It looks like that document has been falsified or tampered with. What kind of credibility do they have if they take documents like that and show it to players?”

Just how accurate is the evidence that was presented by the NFL?  CBSSport’s Mike Freeman weighed in on that matter by giving grades to to all of the evidence presented earlier in the week.  Upon further review of what was presented, he came away unimpressed with what he’s seen:

So, in total, the 16 exhibits of the NFL’s bounty evidence turned over to the union gets grades of F, B, F, F, C, F, F, F, B+, F, incomplete, F, F, incomplete, F, D.

In all, the NFL’s evidence turned over to the union won’t be making the honor roll.

Jeff Duncan had a very insightful way of summing up this week’s events …

Back and forth, round and round. The merry-go-round of obfuscation seems to never end.  Somewhere along the line, this potayto-potahto soap opera spiraled into a senseless circus, with representatives from both sides spewing so much legal subterfuge.

It’s reminds me of the infamous Chewbacca Defense which a Johnnie Cochran character employed in a courtroom scene in episode 14 of “South Park’s” second season. The diabolical defense strategy bamboozles an unwitting jury by introducing into the argument the question of why an 8-foot Wookie from planet Kashyyyk would live on planet Endor with a bunch of 2-foot Ewoks.

Cochran’s repeated exhortations of “This does not make sense!” eventually cause a jurist’s head to explode.

We’ve all undoubtedly felt likewise while navigating the flood of claims, denials and counter-arguments.

In essence, the NFL has a lot of work to do to convince everyone of the allegations against the New Orleans Saints.

Times-Picayune: New Orleans Saints coach Joe Vitt expands on denials of NFL claimsMike Freeman: Grading all of the Saints bounty evidence | Times-Picayune: New Orleans Saints bounty scandal is a story that won’t go away


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