Percy Harvin Demands A Trade

It would be damn near impossible for the Minnesota Vikings to find a replacement for the contributions of Percy Harvin.

Trade demands in the NFL are pretty much pointless.  I mean, do these things ever work out in the player’s favor?  Have you ever seen a team cave to a player’s trade request? …

Oh, hello there Mr. Cutler.  Your successful trade demand just murdered the argument I was going to make.  Great to have you in Chicago …

Moving along, you could bet the bank that the Minnesota Vikings WILL NOT look to trade Pro Bowl wide receiver Percy Harvin.  News broke yesterday that Harvin was upset with the team, and this morning brought word of his trade demand.  ProFootballFocus explains:

Last season Harvin led the NFL with a catch rate of 79.1% when working in the slot. That was well clear of the pack and more than 5% better than Marques Colston, who is as sure handed as they come across the middle. There were only four receivers who gained more yards per route run than Harvin did last season, bettering the marks set by the likes of Calvin Johnson, Steve Smith, Larry Fitzgerald and A.J. Green. Christian Ponder finished the season with a passer rating of 70.1, and Donovan McNabb was just at 82.9, but on throws targeting Harvin, the pair combined for a QB rating of 97.2.

Look for Harvin to report to training camp with things smoothed over, possibly with some sort of “financial apology” from the Vikings.  One thing is for sure – trading Percy Harvin is out of the question for the team.

ProFootballFocus: The Vikings Can’t Afford to Lose Percy Harvin


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