Mark Anderson – A 6’4”, 250lbs “Little Dude”

Defensive end Mark Anderson (bottom) will team up with Mario Williams to provide the Buffalo Bills with one of the most feared pass rushes in the NFL.

Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams is a funny guy.  Peep what he had to say about his new teammate, Mark Anderson.

Mario Williams is a massive human being. Standing at 6-foot-6 and weighing 290 pounds, he towers over pretty much anyone. That includes fellow new Buffalo Bills pass rusher Mark Anderson, who Williams called “a little dude” on Tuesday.

“Well, when you’re only 210 pounds, you can’t really do it like guys like me do,” Williams joked during a chat with reporters. “Thumbs up to Mark. It’s tough for him. He’s a little dude. It works. It definitely worked from last year.

I guess when you’re built like a character straight out of an X-Men comic, everyone you bump into could be viewed as “a little dude”.

NFL-ATL: Mario Williams calls teammate Anderson ‘a little dude’


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