Brett Favre – The Greatest Packer of All-Time?

The good ol’ days.

Green Bay Packers fans have been spoiled.  Seriously.

When Brett Favre, a 3 time NFL MVP and Super Bowl winner, talked his way out of town, he handed the keys of the Packer offense over to Aaron Rodgers – who subsequently went on to start his own trophy collection, winning an MVP award in 2011, the year after winning his first Super Bowl trophy.

Packer fans likely aren’t yearning for the days of Brett Favre with A-Rod currently tearing up the NFL.  However, Favre’s exploits on the field have not been lost on former Packers GM, Ron Wolf.

“To me, Brett Favre and I are like connected at the hips,” Wolf said. “I feel strong loyalty to Brett Favre. When I got here, Don Huston was the greatest player ever to play for the Green Bay Packers. I think everybody will tell you now, the greatest player ever to play for the Packers is Brett Favre. That’s his legacy.”

Aaron Rodgers will likely have a LOT to say about that before it’s all said and done …

ProFootballTalk: Ron Wolf considers Brett Favre the greatest Packer ever


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