A Look At 2012’s Franchise Players

Drew Brees isn’t the Pro Bowl caliber player still waiting for a long term deal.

Brian McIntyre of NFL.com’s Around The League blog provided a detailed look at the 21 players who have been tendered the Franchise Tag during the 2012 NFL offseason.

Below is an updated look at which players have signed multiyear extensions, which players have signed their franchise tags, and which franchise tags remain unsigned. The “2-YR F/T” figure refers to what it would have cost, or what it will cost, the team to pay the player under the franchise tag in both the 2012 and 2013 seasons.

In all my writing regarding the plights of Matt Forte, Drew Brees and Ray Rice, I completely missed the fact that Pro Bowl wide receiver Dwayne Bowe remains unsigned.  Those are some really big names still waiting for a deal that they will deem acceptable.

W&L has covered just why the franchise tag is seen as unfair to NFL Free Agents.  It really does put a cap on what these players can potentially earn by not allowing them to set their true market value through engaging in talks with other teams.  It also prevents teams from negotiating in good faith – Contract talks usually become contentious due to the fact that NFL GMs always have the threat of the franchise tag in their back pockets.  This allows them to make low ball offers to their free agents, knowing full well the player’s only option is holding out.

The NFLPA made two huge mistakes last summer during CBA talks – they failed to curtail the power of Commissioner Roger Goodell, and they also  missed the opportunity to even out the playing field of contract negotiations by eliminating the Franchise Tag.

NFL-ATL: Six of 21 franchised players signed extensions


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