Peyton Manning Made $42 Million In 2011 Without Stepping On the Field

Peyton Manning has proven to be a valuable commodity on and off the field.

Peyton Manning hasn’t been seen on an NFL football field since 2010.  That has not stopped him from raking in the cash.  Forbes has released its list of the Top 100 Paid Athletes.  From NFL-ATL:

After stomaching the fact that boxer Floyd Mayweather and his $85 million rank No. 1, the list gives way to a flood of NFL players. The league registered 30 among the top 100, more than any other sport.

It comes as no surprise that Peyton Manning and his $42.4 million led the way, good enough for No. 10 behind a smattering of soccer players, boxers and LeBron James. Manning has the Indianapolis Colts to thank for $26.4 million of that and the Denver Broncos for the rest. Peyton raked in another $10 million-plus in endorsement deals. (All of this is awkward, considering Manning was last seencrashing on Mike Shanahan’s floor.)

Baltimore Ravens defensive lineman Haloti Ngata ranked second on the list for NFL players , but first in total salary earned over the past year:


Reeeeeeeeally hoping my future kids want to be NFL players.  Who cares what Kurt Warner, Tom Brady Sr. and Terry Bradshaw have to say? HA!

NFL-ATL: Peyton Manning Number 10 On Forbes’ Wealthiest Athletes List


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