Jabari Greer Wrote A Bounty Related Poem …

Jabari Greer wrote a poem in response to the NFL’s Bounty allegations.

I can hear you complaining.  This site has turned into “Bounty Central”.

I apologize for that.  This is a slow news period for the NFL.  I promise to try to keep the BountyGate related posts to a minimum from here on out until some real news break on the matter. *Fingers are crossed*

Anyhow – this slipped by my radar a few months back when it was originally released.  Apparently, New Orleans Saints cornerback Jabari Greer was inspired to pen a poem discussing the allegations made against the Saints.  Read it below in its entirety.

As a child my heart longed for the lights of the stage,
And to all my dreams, life deemed them true.
But while young, I suppose, that the path that I chose,
Was a rockier road than I knew.

My Father explained that although dreams may change,
“To your heart and your two hands be true,”
When the spotlight is on, you still be my son,
But to others, you’ll never be you.

And now here i am, a man of my own,
My dreams, although tried, they came true.
The words of a man, called to lead me to stand,
In the midst of Life’s pain, lead me through.

It’s seemed that I’ve learned, although rightfully earned,
That in darkness, the light shines the truth,
Call it “Bounty” or blame, the world puts to shame,
And convicts, what the world barely knew.

See the media feeds, and puts words to their seeds,
To fulfill its own pride and it’s lust,
It calls a King “Thief, he’s possessed by his greed,”
As if what he has earned is not enough.

So be careful of seeds filled with lies and deceit,
Although clothed as a beacon of truth,
We have souls of good men, called to Serve and Defend,
NEW ORLEANS, from the forces untrue.


p.s:  Although some of the allegations brought before us are true. We are men of integrity that play the game the way it’s meant to played … with undeniable passion. We are all professionals, with families and a future.  We play a violent game, but we NEVER intend to hurt anyone.

As for some of the media’s representation of our men, The Times Picayune  are the good guy’s (wink).

nobody understands me.

Ignore the cheesy (not to mention terrible) poem – the first line of the post-script should be eye grabbing – “Although some of the allegations brought before us are true …”.  Which allegations is he referring to?  Greer denies that Saints defenders played with the intent to injure opponents.  However, he doesn’t deny that a pay-for-performance program existed.  That omission is very telling in my view.

The Times Picayune: Out of Bounds by Jabari Greer “Untitled”


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