Drew Brees Compares Bounty Investigation To The Search For WMDs

[tweet https://twitter.com/drewbrees/status/214906846065082371]

Yeah, about that …

The NFL’s investigation and subsequent penalization of the New Orleans Saints organization, coaches and players DID NOT result in the loss of thousands of American troops and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens.

I understand the point Drew Brees was trying to make – He feels the league’s presentation of evidence is lacking any true smoking gun to justify the punishments handed down, similar to how some Americans felt the Bush Administration never proved its case for WMDs in Iraq in the lead up to the invasion in 2003.  He’s attempting to rally his supporters against what he feels is improper use of the league’s authority.

But what Brees must realize is this – making this comparison trivializes those who have been lost in this bloody war that has spanned almost an entire decade.  Drew Brees may be feeling persecuted at the moment and it’s his right to share that with the public.  But he needs to put more thought into what he says and choose his words more carefully.


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