Anthony Hargrove Releases Statement on the NFL’s Bounty Investigation

Anthony Hargrove claims it was NOT his voice heard in a video of a Saints player demanding that someone “PAY ME MY MONEY!”

Suspended defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove (currently of the Green Bay Packers) issued a long-winded, meandering statement blasting the NFL’s handling of the Bounty Investigation.  The gist of the entire 1,500+ word statement could be summed up in its first few paragraphs:

I have sat back over the past few months and watched as the NFL has spent countless hours painting a picture that has left a lot of people convinced that myself and three other players deserve to be punished, not to mention the coaching staff and Mr. Loomis. I have asked myself a million times: why? Why on earth are they trying to make a mountain out of a molehill? I do not have an absolute answer, but I’m guessing it has something to do with image, power, and money.

The words they have used over the months to capture your hearts and minds have been many, practiced, and calculated. But that does not make them true. It just makes them good at what they do. They are, in my opinion, master politicians. Bill Clinton once said, “I did not have sex with that woman.”

Semantics. Politicians are good at it.

A Clinton/Monica reference?  Really!?  Uuuuugh …

Anyway, one of the pieces of evidence presented by the NFL on Monday was a video that was taken on the Saints’ sideline during the 2009 NFC Title Game (which can be viewed here – fast forward to the 4:20 mark).  The NFL claims that after hearing Brett Favre may have suffered a broken leg, a player identified as Hargrove can be heard saying, “Bobby [McCray]! PAY ME MY MONEY!”

This is a vital piece of evidence for the NFL’s case and it is open for scrutiny due to the fact that right after the player identified as Hargrove says “Bobby!”, the camera is obscured by another Saints player, who steps in the viewer’s line of sight just as the phrase “PAY ME MY MONEY!” is being yelled.

View the video and draw your own conclusions.

CBSSports: Anthony Hargrove’s statement on NFL’s evidence against Saints players


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