Roddy White Disses Player’s Union, Praises Roger Goodell

Roddy White took to Twitter to voice his displeasure with the NFLPA.

It is no secret that NFL players are not thrilled with the amount of power that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell enjoys.  This is a topic W&L covered just about a month ago, when Jonathan Vilma decided to sue Commissioner Goodell over the charges contained within the Bounty Report, allegations which Vilma claims amount to defamation of character.

The NFLPA did itself and the players a huge disservice last summer when they agreed to a Collective Bargaining Agreement that allowed Commissioner Goodell to maintain full authority over all disciplinary issues.  This has made him the de facto judge, jury and executioner in all player conduct matters.

Atlanta Falcons Pro Bowl wide receiver Roddy White issued a series of tweets to share his thoughts on the NFLPA’s handling of its clients.





Major props to Mr. White for telling it like it is.

This battle that the NFLPA has chosen to wage against the Commissioner serves as another example of the union not acting in the best interests of its client.  This phony uproar over the Commissioner’s authority is laughable because the union failed to bring about any sort of real change when they had a chance to last summer.  NFL players must do right by themselves and seek out new leadership for the player’s union.  As long as the status quo remains, they will continue to be at a disadvantage in all matters when faced up against the league’s front office.


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