“President” Calls 911, Demands To Speak To Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow paid President Obama a visit after winning the National Title with the Florida Gators in 2009.

Taking a break from the Bounty discussion, here’s a report from the “News You’d Swear Was Made Up” department:

A Hopatcong man told police he was the president looking speak to Tim Tebow before he was found hiding under pillows and clothes in his mom’s closet, police said.

Jason Slater, 28, called 911 three times late June 10, refusing to give the dispatcher information each time, police said. Then he called the Hopatcong police department’s main line, saying he was the president and he wanted to talk with Tebow, the New York Jets’ backup quarterback, police said.

Officer David Kraus traced the call to Slater’s home, police said. But when officers arrived, and Slater’s mother gave them permission to search the house, he wasn’t in his room, police said.  Officers noticed the door to his mother’s room was closed, police said. After the mother granted police permission to search her room, Slater was found in her closet, hiding, police said.

Mr. Slater was charged with making false public alarms and resisting arrest.  He was later charged with littering after dumping his court papers on the ground, despite warnings from the cops.

Hopatcong Patch: Cops: ‘President’ Asks to Talk To Tim Tebow

Sidebar: Where do we place bets on Tim Tebow running for office on the Republican ticket one day?  The GOP has given us former actor turned politician Ronald Regan as pres and even got The Terminator voted into the gubernatorial seat in California – this idea isn’t as farfetched as it sounds.  He already possesses more credibility than current Repub darlings Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin.  Tebow In 2024 – you just know it’s gonna happen …


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