Lions Coach Says He Should Have Known Nick Fairley Would Have Off The Field Issues

Nick Fairley – lovin’ life.

The Detroit Lions have had themselves quite an offseason away from the field.  Star defensive lineman Nick Fairley recently issued an apology through Facebook for the shame he has brought upon the organization.  Speaking at a NASCAR event this past weekend, Lions defensive coordinator stated that he should have foreseen the potential problems Fairley would run in to.

“The disappointment that I have is that I bogged myself down in so much paperwork that I didn’t see that coming,” Cunningham said of Fairley’s troubles. “And I should have seen it. With my experience, I should have understood.”

The Lions and Fairley are still awaiting word from the Commissioner’s office on what his punishment will be.

Detroit Free Press: Lions’ Gunther Cunningham: I should’ve seen Nick Fairley’s troubles coming ‡ W&L: The Lions – The New Bad Boys of Detroit


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