Jerry Rice’s Top Wide Receivers 25 & Younger

The Greatest Wide Receiver of All-Time is impressed with some of the young talent he sees on Sundays.

This past week during an episode of ESPN’s NFL Live, Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice took some time rank the best wide receivers under the age of 26.  His list was kind of a cop out since he listed them in alphabetical order.  Nonetheless, it’s hard to argue with the names he put forward:

  • Antonio Brown (23), Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Dez Bryant (23, Dallas Cowboys
  • Victor Cruz (25), New York Giants
  • A.J. Green (23), Cincinnati Bengals
  • Percy Harvin (24), Minnesota Vikings
  • Julio Jones (24), Atlanta Falcons

If I had my choice of any of the names above to start my receiving corps with, I’d pick Julio Jones over all of the rest.  In terms of size and speed, only Dez Bryant and A.J. Green come close.  However, Jones’ athleticism is unmatched by everyone on that list.  He’s like a cross between Terrell Owens and Randy Moss.  That can be viewed as a slight exaggeration, but Julio is in a league of his own when talking about elite athleticism. made Victor Cruz their number one choice.  Click the link below to take a look at how the rest of their list turned out. Ranking the NFL’s top young wide receivers


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