For The Eagles, Hope Lies On The Arm Of Mike Vick

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mike Vick is putting in extra time at work in hopes for more success in 2012.

We covered the Philadelphia Eagles struggles from 2011 and their confidence heading into the upcoming season just last week.  With last season being such a disappointment, could Mike Vick’s job status be on the line with another mediocre finish in 2012?  Vick discussed that with the Philadelphia Daily News:

“Nobody has come to me and told me, ‘Your future lies in this season.’ What I do know is that this is a big year for us, because we’ve got all the pieces in place. It seems like everything is there for us,” Vick, who turns 32 June 26, said after the next-to-last day of minicamp. “What I say is, this team is in position to make a run … This is what the organization builds for, to put a team together that can go out and compete. It takes years to put a team together. When you finally get to that moment, you’re like, ‘OK, here we go. Let’s go get it.’ “

The Eagles spent big money this past offseason locking up their marquee talent (DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy).  Chances are, the Eagles’ front office would not have cut those checks if they did not expect a major return on their investment next season.  The team won’t have to worry about Mike Vick not pulling his own weight.  He’ll be doing all he can to turn things around.

It’s going to be a football summer,” Vick told me yesterday. “I got my DVDs. Whenever I have time, whenever I’m riding in a car or on the airplane, I’ll make sure I pull it out and look at all the mistakes that I made. Not at all the good that I’ve done. Ya know, I know how to do good. Sometimes you don’t know how to do wrong. So, I’m just trying to limit my mistakes and that’s just trying to get better each and every snap.”

Vick downplays notion his future is now with My story: How Eagles QB Michael Vick is making sure he’s even-keeled when he returns


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