The Problem With The Quick-Fix Veteran QB

Donovan McNabb went on to burn the Vikings after stinking it up in D.C.

Should the Denver Broncos be worried about this trend?

We’ve seen numerous veteran quarterback experiments fail over that last few seasons.  I don’t believe Peyton Manning wil be a bust in the Mile High City.  However, recent results should give Broncos fans a cause for concern.

CBSSports’ Mike Freeman recently took a look at this topic.

Recent history shows the process of acquiring a veteran for a quick fix isn’t always perfect. There are success stories, definitely. Jay Cutler went from Denver to Chicago and that has worked. Drew Brees has been obviously fantastic. Matt Hasselbeck has been a mixed bag. The Seahawks got six playoff runs and a Super Bowl appearance out of Hasselbeck but his tenure in Tennessee has been average.

Brett Favre fizzled out late in the year in his lone season as a New York Jet back in 2008.  In 2009, he would move on to Minnesota where he provided one year of fireworks on his way to an NFC Title Game appearance, where he was pummeled to a pulp by the New Orleans Bounty Hunters, I mean Saints.  Favre would leave the game with a whimper in 2010, with this being his final play:

You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who thought negatively the 2010 trade that sent Donovan McNabb from the Philadelphia Eagles to the Washington Redskins for a second round pick.  Redskins fans were excited.  Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan definitely thought he’d gotten a steal.  McNabb would go on to post modest results before being benched in a close game in favor of Rex Grossman (REX GROSSMAN!!!) during a Week 8 matchup against the Detroit Lions.  The following offseason he would be traded to the Minnesota Vikings, where he would last only 6 weeks as a starter.  He compiled a 1-5 record before being benched and eventually released.  Needless to say McNabb was not the answer to these franchises quarterback issues.

And what about Kevin Kolb?  The Eagles pulled in quite a hall when they sent the quarterback over to the Arizona Cardinals, acquiring a dominant, game-changing cornerback (Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie) AND a second round pick.  Injuries plagued him throughout 2011, preventing him from building any momentum whatsoever.  Going into 2012, how are things looking for you now, Arizona?

The Arizona Cardinals held their “Fan Fest 2012” during their minicamp practice on Wednesday night, drawing an estimated 15,000 fans.  The offense had its moments. The defense did, too. And the fans let Kevin Kolb know that he needs to create more positive moments in 2012 to gain their approval.

The Cardinals fans booed Kolb, according to Darren Urban of In June. At minicamp. Yikes.

Yikes indeed.

All this goes to show that there is no fool-proof method in solving a team’s QB woes.  The draft has its own pitfalls, but so does mortgaging your future by trading away draft picks for partially washed up vets.  Just ask the Oakland Raiders who gave up a 2012 first round pick plus a conditional 2013 second round pick to the Cincinnati Bengals for the at the time retired Carson Palmer this past season.  That resulted in them missing out on the playoffs, firing their head coach and cleaning out their front office.  Think they’d like a do-over on that deal?

CBSSports: Kolb’s rough ride in Arizona reminds that trading for quarterbacks is dicey, tooNFL-ATL: Kevin Kolb booed at Cardinals Fan Fest


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