Lovie Smith Impressed With What He Sees From His Team

Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith has high hopes for his team in 2012.

Some would say pre-training camp evaluations of a football team is a fruitless endeavor.  Players haven’t donned their protective gear and the practices being run pretty much amount to shadow boxing sessions.

That didn’t stop Lovie Smith from lofting high praise onto his team as minicamps wrapped up on Thursday.

“When you start (saying) this is a good football team, the only way to say that is to compare it to something,” Smith said Thursday afternoon at the conclusion of a three-day minicamp. “So for us, we compare it to our best team, our Super Bowl team. So, yeah, it’s easy to do that and we have. That is why we are feeling pretty good about ourselves around here.

“The areas where you looked on paper we needed to make some improvement, we have. You look at each position and you say, ‘Do you have a player at this position you really like?’ We’re saying that about a lot of positions, more positions than we’ve ever said before around here. I’ll just start with that.”

That’s right – Lovie went right ahead and compared this year’s team to his most successful one: The 2006 Super Bowl Runner Chicago Bears.

The expectations for the Chicago Bears’ 2012 season has been covered here at W&L.  With the improvements made to the roster, this team is primed for a deep playoff run.  Bears’ fans have reason to feel a bit confident heading into the upcoming season.

Chicago Tribune: Bears coach likes what he sees so far


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