Lawyer: No Evidence Linking Vilma To “Bounties”

Jonathan Vilma’s lawyer was not impressed with the evidence the league presented today.

From Steve Wyche, at

“The NFL provided a slide show of Gregg Williams’ most outrageous comments,” Ginsberg said. “It is evidence that reflects an assistant coach in the NFL has a style that might rightfully be distasteful but that has been tolerated for years by several NFL teams. It in no way supports any of the accusations that Commissioner Goodell has so publicly made against Jonathan.

“There is nothing that evidences opposing players were targeted. There is nothing that evidences any of the players were involved in putting money on the heads of opposing players the way the Commissioner has suggested.”

The evidence provided by the league to players Friday is the meat of what it will provide against the players in their appeal hearings in explaining why they have been suspended. The league has said for months that it has enough evidence that the players violated the “Conduct Detrimental” rules of the collective bargaining agreement by having a pay-for-performance program in place from 2009 to 2011.

According to ProFootBallTalk, only a small portion of the league’s findings were made available:

From a much-ballyhooed 50,000-page file (which by its sheer volume presumably means that there was a bounty system, right?), the NFL surrendered, we’re told, fewer than 200 pages of information, arising from 16 total documents, which includes among other things handwritten notes, the email from Mike Ornstein containing the reference to the alleged $5,000 bounty on Aaron Rodgers, and seven different Power Point presentations shown by Saints coaches to players.

Player appeals will be heard this coming Monday, June 18th. Jonathan Vilma’s lawyer: Evidence shows no ‘bounty’ link to LBProFootBallTalk: NFL makes less than 200 pages available in bounty case


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