Tim Tebow Practicing With Jets Starters

What’s the over/under on the week Tim Tebow becomes the New York Jets starting quarterback?

New York Jets coaches will go out of their way to tell you that Mark Sanchez’s job is not in danger.

Yet, their actions will tell you a different story.

After insisting all week that Tim Tebow would only take the practice field with the Jets’ second team offense during minicamp, Jets coaches allowed Tebow to run with the starters during today’s session.  Tebow also briefly took the field with the starters on Wednesday.

“(Tim) Tebow ran with the ones, just like I told you he would,” Ryan said sheepishly Thursday of his popular backup quarterback, who took two snaps with the first team. “Apparently I need to be in more offensive meetings.”

But Ryan was quick to clarify that this is no indication that Tebow is threatening Sanchez, whom Jets brass have repeatedly anointed as the starter for the 2012 season. Ryan said new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano merely wanted to get a look at Tebow with the front-line players, though today’s snaps did not involve the Wildcat or any other gimmicky formation.

Tebow wasn’t available for comment Thursday but said yesterday that he also took two first-team snaps in Wednesday’s practice in the Jets’ red-zone package.

More than likely, the Jets will say there is nothing more to this story than an attempt to evaluate their team.  However, Tim Tebow is no ordinary backup.  He comes with a legion of loyal followers who will demand that their favorite player take the field.

The Jets seem to be courting a possible quarterback controversy.  It’ll be interesting to see how this one plays out

USAToday: Tim Tebow gets minicamp repetitions with Jets startersW&L: Mark Sanchez Facing A TON of Pressure Heading Into Next Season


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