Terry Bradshaw: I Would Not Allow My Son To Play Football

Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw sees changes in the future for the game of football.

Add Terry Bradshaw’s name to the growing list of parents who say they would not allow their sons to play the game.

“If I had a son today . . . I would not let him play football,” Terry Bradshaw told Jay Leno on The Tonight Show.

With lawsuits from former players who experienced head trauma while on the field piling up against the league, Bradshaw sees the NFL’s effort to aid in the mental health of their retirees as disingenuous.

“I have to be careful here because I work for Fox and NFL Network,” Bradshaw said, “but I don’t think they care.  They’re forced to care now because it’s politically correct to care.  Lawsuits make you care.  I think the P.R. makes you care.  But personally, when I got out in 1983, do I think they cared about me?  No.  And you know what?  I don’t expect them to.  I don’t need them to worry about me.  I take care of myself.  But, do they care?  They’re forced to care right now because, P.R.-wise, it’s not very favorable to them.”

Bradshaw also said he sees the game shying away from its overt physical nature in the near future.

”There will be a time in the next decade where we will not see football as it is.”  He explained that the contact sports will “slowly phase away,” while soccer (which involve plenty of contact between ball and head — causing plenty of concussions, especially for girls), baseball, and basketball will grow.

Bradshaw has stated that he currently is suffering the consequences from six serious concussions he sustained during his playing days.  He claims that he knew what he was getting himself into physically and would “absolutely” do it all over again

ProFootBallTalk: Bradshaw doesn’t think the NFL truly cares about former players


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