DeSean Jackson Will Be Releasing A Rap Album In July

Eagles wideout DeSean Jackson will be using his new contract to fund a personal venture for him and his friends.

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson signed a 5 year, $47 Million ($15 Million guaranteed) contract earlier this season.

He’s making quite a peculiar investment with those funds.

Jackson has started a hip-hop label, Jaccpot Records, with a few friends of his that he grew up with in the Southern California-area.

To anyone with a negative view on this move by Jackson, read this thoughtful passage from Tim McManus of the Philadelphia Post/Philadelphia Magazine:

And on one hand, so what? One person I spoke with offered this analogy: If Tony Romo can dedicate so much of his off time to playing golf and make bids to qualify for the U.S. Open, why can’t Jackson cultivate his own passions in his spare time? Is it because golf doesn’t scare white America, but rapping does?

There’s at least a strain of truth in there. The pursuit alone is harmless enough.

When it comes to athletes and their interests outside of the sports they play, the proper use of their money is usually the first concern others may have for them.  Will this be an issue for Jackson?

Even under the assumption that there are sponsorships taking some of the pain out of these bills, there are still plenty of expenses to go around. There’s studio time. Travel. And, yes, Lamborghini rentals. As the CEO, that is Jackson’s load to bear.

It’s a champagne and diamond world he’s funding, and it ain’t cheap.

Some close to Jackson are worried. The level of concern ranges from “This is an unnecessary distraction in the prime of a promising football career,” to “If he stays on this course he could end up in significant financial distress.”

With the label’s first album set to drop right around the time the Eagles are scheduled to start up training camp, Jackson’s off the field lifestyle just may serve as a distraction for him and his team.  But that’s over a month away.  In the meantime, take a few minutes out of your day to hear a quick sample of the type of skills DeSean Jackson offers on the mic (skip to around the three minute mark):

Not as impressive as the orignal rapping footballer, Primetime

The Philly Post: How Deep Is DeSean Jackson Into the Rap Game?


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