Bounty Evidence Against Jonathan Vilma To Be Turned Over Friday

Suspended New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma will get a chance to see what evidence the NFL has against him on Friday.

From USAToday:

Vilma, who has also filed a defamation civil suit against NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, requested weeks ago to see the evidence that resulted in his one-year ban.

“If the Commissioner was really interested in a fair process, he would have disclosed the evidence weeks or months ago,” [Vilma’s] attorney Peter Ginsberg told USA TODAY Sports on Thursday. “That fact that this isn’t occurring until now makes me cynical.”

The other suspended players — Will Smith (four games), Scott Fujita (three games) and Anthony Hargrove (eight games) — will be represented in the appeals hearing by NFL Players Association counsel. Goodell will ultimately rule on whether to maintain or reduce the penalties.

All this crying about not being able to see this evidence is a joke – all of the accused players had a chance to see EVERYTHING the league had against them.  They chose to take the NFLPA’s advice and not meet with the Commissioner before the punishments were handed down.  Hopefully Friday’s disclosures will put an end to the whining.

USAToday: Vilma’s attorney eager for NFL to turn over evidence Friday


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