Arian Foster: The Money Won’t Change Me

There hasn’t been a better running back in the NFL over the last two seasons than the Houston Texans Arian Foster.

While one NFL star uses his new contract to fund a rap label, another is planning to be more philanthropic with his new found funds.

There hasn’t been a more dominant running back in the game than Arian Foster of these last two seasons – he’s posted 2,840 rushing yards and 26 rushing touchdowns to go with 1,223 receiving yards and 4 receiving touchdowns over his last two campaigns.

He was rewarded for his stellar efforts with a 5 year, $43.5 Million ($20.7 Million guaranteed) contract earlier this offseason.  How does he see his life changing after being rewarded for his success?’s NFL Nation Blogger Paul Kuharsky got the privilege of discussing that with Foster.

I asked him about the idea of money making him more of what he is. 

“Money reveals you,” he said. “I think it’ll bring out the philanthropist in me, the person I want to be who gives back. I’ll make sure my family’s future is secured. I’m not one to buy a car or chains and jewelry, not anything against those guys who do, to each his own. 

“But that’s just not my style. I’m more about building a future and foundation for myself and bettering my community.” 

A lot of guys getting a big contract will say that. I believe Foster means it.

Arian seems to have his head on straight as far as his new found wealth is concerned.  I’m betting the Eagles are wishing he’d share a word or two with DeSean Jackson.

NFL Nation Blog: Money won’t change Arian Foster


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