Jamaal Charles Ready To Get Rolling Again

Jamaal Charles lost his entire 2011 season on this run.

Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles had an amazing 2010 season.  He lead the league in yards from scrimmage, tallying a combined 1,935 rushing and receiving yards while averaging an insane 6.38 yards per rushing attempt.

His 2011 season was an entirely different story.

In a Week 2 matchup versus the Detroit Lions, Charles took a routine handoff when disaster struck:

Jamaal Charles would be forced to miss the rest of the regular season with a torn ACL.

Now, with his rehabilitation behind him, Charles is ready to once again run wild over helpless defenders.

“When they let that cape off me, I’m ready to go. I’m ready to put my cleats back on and punish everybody in my way,’’ said Charles, who added that he felt so strong that he could play in a game today, if necessary.

Charles is obviously eager to get back out on the playing field.  Being forced to miss a season with a significant injury usually does to an athlete of his caliber.  Time will tell if he is able to return to his pre-2011 form.

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