UPDATE: Ochocinco Is a Dolphin

Could the recently released Chad Ochocinco be on his way home?

*UPDATE* According to OCNN, Ochocinco is officially a Dolphin.  According to Sports Illustrated’s Peter King, the deal is for  the 1 year, $975K veteran minimum. “He can double that through incentives — to just over $2 million — but those incentives are steep.  He’ll have to catch at least 80 balls with the Dolphins to make much in extras, and there’s no guarantee he’ll make the team.”

W&L named Miami as the most likely destination for recently released for New England Patriot Chad Ochocino.  Ocho and the Dolphins just went ahead and made things official.

Earlier today, Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin confirmed internet reports of a rumored recent workout at Dolphin’s facilities.  “We’re doing our homework,” Philbin said in response to questions about the team’s interest in the wide receiver.

Dolphins starting running back Reggie Bush expressed his interest in bringing Ocho on board earlier in the day.  “We would love to have him. I think he’s got a lot left,” Bush said.

NFL-ATL: Joe Philbin confirms Ochocinco workout with DolphinsCBSSports: Chad Ochocinco hoping for a Miami return


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