Bears Offense Ready To Thrive With Mike Martz Out Of Picture

Jay Cutler will have a lot more freedom in 2012 without “Mad” Mike Martz calling the shots.

You can call it addition by subtraction.

Gone are the out of date ideologies of “The Greatest Show On Turf” with little to no input from those involved in executing the gameplan.

Mike Martz may have been one of the brightest minds to ever stalk the sidelines of a football field, but his offensive schemes lead to changes on the defensive side of the ball that he was unable to adapt to.  The fact that the quarterback was not allowed to call audibles at the line of scrimmage compounded the scheme’s liabilities.

With a new Mike running the show, communication has become one of the keys to the success of the Chicago Bears 2012 offense.  That was not lost on CBS Chicago’s Adam Hoge, who did a brilliant job illustrating the night and day approaches of Mike Martz and new offensive coordinator, Mike Tice.

The players and coaches are obviously going to say the offense is clicking already, but actually, it really is clicking more than last year. The players are much more comfortable because they are no longer being asked to do things they can’t.

In other words, Mike Tice is definitely not Mike Martz.

After Tuesday’s mini-camp practice at Halas Hall, Jay Cutler raved about how his new offensive coordinator actually listens to the players and accepts their input.

Minutes later, unsolicited, Mike Tice talked about why that’s the case.

“The communication between the coaches and the players has been phenomenal,” Tice said. “I’ve always found that sometimes the players have great thoughts, especially when they are focused like our players are right now.”

In other words, instead of insisting on running outdated offensive philosophies like Martz did, Tice is listening to what Jay Cutler wants and is adapting the offense to his quarterback.

Who would have thought that listening to the input of your players would lead to an easier time executing plays?  Now, we have not seen the Bears do anything that matters on the field just yet.  However, the positivity exuded by the Bears’ offense should give fans hope of good things to come in 2012.

CBS Chicago: Bears Offense Taking Off Without Martz


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