Mandatory Mental Health Evaluations For Retirees?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is attempting to aid players with the issues they face upon retirement.

This site has routinely covered the issues facing NFL athletes once they are no longer able to perform on the field.  From bankruptcy to mental health issues, it seems that former NFL players have a steep mountain to climb once they are removed from the game.  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell would like to see the league get out in front of these problems.

“That’s something that’s being discussed as a part of your exit physical,” Goodell said. “Part of that is mental health evaluation to see what it can be. I’ve heard that from players myself. And we are evaluating it.”

Any effort the league puts forward could go a long way in curbing the issues of the NFL’s former players.  The more we learn about what goes on in these athletes, the better suited the NFL will be in helping them get the help they require.

NFL-ATL: Roger Goodell considering mandatory tests for retireesW&L: Brandon Marshall – Brandon Marshall: Seau’s Death A Learning Opportunity  ‡ W&L: Why Do So Many Athletes End Up Going Broke?


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