Jay Cutler Would Be “Shocked” If Matt Forte Doesn’t Report For Camp

Jay Cutler hopes to have Matt Forte in camp when it’s time to report.

The Chicago Bears report for mandatory mini camp beginning Tuesday and lasting through Thursday.  Matt Forte is pretty much a lock to continue his hold out through the week.  That shouldn’t cause too much concern for Bears.  Training camp don’t start until the end of July.  A Forte absence then would be a surprise for starting QB, Jay Cutler.

“I would be shocked if he doesn’t sign his tender by July 15, or whenever it is, and he shows up. It would really be a surprise to me (if Forte misses any training camp),” Cutler said. “At the end of the day, I think Matt knows it’s business. He’s still getting seven-whatever-million dollars to play this year. So he’s gonna show up.”

Missing out on training camp time would lead to fines that would eat away at the $7.7 Million Forte is tapped for this season.  For a guy complaining about his contract status, I highly doubt he would allow that to occur.

ESPNChicago: Jay Cutler expects Matt Forte at camp


2 thoughts on “Jay Cutler Would Be “Shocked” If Matt Forte Doesn’t Report For Camp

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