Super Bowl Champion New York Giants Visit The White House

The New York Giants presented President Obama with a custom jersey during their visit.

The New York Giants made the customary champion’s visit to the White House this morning. It was their second trip in four years, having previously made the trip back in 2008 when President George W. Bush still held office. President Barack Obama took the opportunity to chide members of the media who derided Eli Manning when he called himself an “elite quarterback”, a statement he’d go on to prove by claiming his second Super Bowl ring. “I would just advise the sportswriters out there the next time Eli says he thinks he is an elite quarterback, you may just want to be quiet,” President Obama said.

Here’s a small list of other noteworthy moments, courtesy of’s Around the League Blog:

 Coughlin lauded his team’s all-for-one approach and drew laughter when he asked out loud, “Wouldn’t it be nice if Congress operated the same way?”

 The coach, who also visited the White House after the Giants won Super Bowl XLII, semi-killed with his closer: “I hope this is not a twice-in-a-lifetime experience, ” Coughlin said to Obama. “We both have a goal to get back here next year.”

 Strangely, we were not treated to Victor Cruz salsa dancing on the White House steps, which seemed to us like a natural PR machination. 

Congratulations to Big Blue and their fans, crowned king of the NFL.

Something tells me this New York Giants team will be making another White House visit sooner rather than later.

NFL-ATL: Tom Coughlin, Giants hit the White House ‡ NYDaily News: NY Giants hope White House visit isn’t their last as Big Blue honored by President Obama for Super Bowl XLVI


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