Saints Hire Former FBI Director To Evaluate Team

New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson is taking measures to clean up his team’s image.

From ProFootBallTalk:

After an offseason marred by a pay-for-performance/bounty scandal and subsequent allegations of G.M. Mickey Loomis having the capacity to engage in illegal wiretapping, Saints owner Tom Benson wanted clarity as to the goings-on within his team. He’s getting it from former FBI director Louis Freeh.

Team spokesman Greg Bensel acknowledged and explained Freeh’s involvement.

“Serious allegations have been made about our organization this off-season; we take these allegations very seriously,” Bensel said via email.  “As a result, we have hired the Freeh Group, founded by former director of the FBI and former federal judge Louis Freeh.  Mr. Benson moved quickly to hire them and has spared no expense to get to the bottom of these allegations. We have given the Freeh Group complete access to our team and all of the individuals who have been associated with this news story.”

This move and investigation should go a long way in helping uncover what goes on behind the owner’s back. While it isn’t known if the Freeh Group’s findings will be made public, the knowledge gained by team will shed light on exactly what has transpired over the years and what can be done to ensure it never occurs again.

ProFootBallTalk: Saints hire former FBI director to take top-to-bottom look at organization


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