Tony Romo vs. Eli Manning

Tony Romo had better stats in 2011, but Eli walked away with the trophy at the end of the season.

Bucky Brooks of continued his offseason player comparisons with a look at Tony Romo and Eli Manning. Here’s a career comparison of their statistical totals:

Tony Romo

  • Completion Percentage64.5%
  • Passing Yards20,834
  • Touchdowns149
  • Interceptions72

Eli Manning

  • Completion Percentage58.4%
  • Passing Yards27,579
  • Touchdowns129
  • Interceptions99

The only number that matters to is 2 – that’s the number of Super Bowl victories Eli Manning has lead his team to. Eli has a 8-3 playoff record while Romo is 1-3 in postseason play. Manning also enjoys a slight edge in their head to head battles. He is 6-4 when facing off against his NFC East rival.

While Tony Romo may be the flashier of the two quarterbacks, I’ll take Eli and his winning pedigree over Romo at any time. Is Eli Manning or Tony Romo the more superior quarterback?


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