Ray Rice vs. Matt Forte

Ray Rice & Matt Forte have been two of the most dominant running backs since they entered the league in 2008.

NFL.com’s Bucky Brooks ran a player comparison piece pitting Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice versus Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte.

Both players are currently engaged in hold outs with their respective teams. Both Rice and Forte are reluctant to play the season under the franchise tag. Which of these players would you rather offer a multi-year deal to? Here’s a look at their career stats from 2008-2011.

Ray Rice

  • Rushing Yards4,377
  • Rushing Touchdowns24
  • Receiving Yards2,235
  • Receiving Touchdowns5
  • Total Yards From Scrimmage6,612
  • Total Touchdowns29

Matt Forte

  • Rushing Yards4,233
  • Rushing Touchdowns21
  • Receiving Yards1,985
  • Receiving Touchdowns8
  • Total Yards From Scrimmage6,218
  • Total Touchdowns29

I’ll have to go with the little man from Rutgers (Rice) in this comparison. He has outpaced Forte while having to share carries with Willis McGahee and Ricky Williams through out his career. While has the same amount of touchdowns as Forte, Rice has seen his opportunities at the goal line be vultured away by McGahee and Williams.

Forte has produced at a lesser clip than Rice even tho he was afforded more touches in the Bears’ anemic offense. This isn’t to say Forte isn’t worth spending some coin on. He’s a big, powerful and fast back who probably would have seen more production had the players surrounding him been more equipped to do their respective jobs.

It’ll be interesting to compare their next contracts whenever they get around to signing those new deals.

NFL.com: Is Matt Forte or Ray Rice the more superior running back?


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