UPDATE: Ochocinco Cut

Will a subpar 2011 season cost Ochocinco his roster spot with the Patriots?

Welp …

… and so ends the Ochocinco Era (Error?) in New England.

NFL.com’s Around the League Blog took a look at some likely landing spots:

Jacksonville: They are very thin at wide receiver. Ochocinco’s old coordinator Bob Bratkowkski runs the offense there, so it shouldn’t be hard to pick up the scheme. The Jaguars also may see him as a way to sell tickets. What better mentor could Justin Blackmon have? Hmmm …

Miami [Picked by W&L as the most likely landing spot]: We aren’t just listing them because Ochocinco lives in the area and the Dolphins are about to be on a reality show, although that makes it more fun. The Dolphins’ top receivers are Davone Bess and Brian Hartline. It’s a team that Ochocinco could potentially improve. Once again, it’s a team that is looking for more attention.

Dallas: They need a third receiver and Jerry Jones is not afraid to take chances. Do we even need to say they are looking for attention?

St. Louis: Because Jeff Fisher is just crazy enough to do it. And because eight receivers is not enough.

Okay, we’re stretching it with the Rams. It’s hard to see many fits after those three teams. Ochocinco, however, is usually good for a surprise.

NFL-ATL: Chad Ochocinco should have plenty of suitors

[Posted on Monday, June 4th] – Long time Cincinnati Bengal, and current [FORMER!] New England Patriots wide receiver had the worse season of his career in 2011. After averaging 1,160 yards, 80 receptions and 7 touchdowns over a span of nine seasons with the Bengals, Ochocinco saw his production slip to a measly 276 yards, 15 receptions and 1 touchdown in his first season with the Patriots. Will it be his last? {YES!} Kevin Fishbain of Pro Football Weekly shared his opinion:

New England’s OTAs are full of wide receivers, even after cutting Anthony Gonzalez, including Wes Welker, Brandon Lloyd, Jabar Gaffney and Deion Branch. For the remaining spots at wideout on the 53-man roster, Chad Ochocinco, Donte Stallworth, Julian Edelman and Matthew Slater will battle it out. It’s expected that seventh-round WR Jeremy Ebert will make his early mark on the practice squad. Ochocinco and Stallworth, the two veterans, have the toughest chance to make the team. Ochocinco took a pay cut to get to camp, and he reportedly had to run a lap after a procedure penalty in an OTA practice open to the media — not a good start for Ochocinco, who did very little last season.

Add in All-World Tight End Rob Gronkowski and his trusty sidekick Aaron Hernandez, and you could come to the conclusion that there just won’t be enough passes coming Ochocinco’s way to justify keeping him on the roster ahead of a younger player with more upside. Chances are, this relationship could be headed toward a divorce fairly soon. If that happens, look for Ochocinco to land with the Dolphins. Not only are they desperate for wide receiver help, but they are located in the city Chad calls home.

Pro Football Weekly – Experience vs. versatility in battle for Patriots WR spots


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