Justin Blackmon: I’m Done Drinking … For Now

Justin Blackmon (right) seen here at his press conference held at the Jaguars facilities on June 6th

Two drunk driving arrests in a span of two years has brought tons of scrutiny to Jacksonville Jaguars rookie wideout Justin Blackmon.

To point out that he has more arrests than receiving touchdowns in his NFL career would ignore that fact that he hasn’t even stepped on the field yet.

Anyway, Blackmon held a press conference yesterday with members of the Jaguars front office by his side. Blackmon responded with the following when asked if this incident would lead him to stay away from alcohol:

“I’m done as far as right now,” he said. “I’m done with all of that.” But he didn’t rule out drinking in the future, which sounds kinda weird. “I can’t promise you 10 years down the road that I’m going to be done. I just know as of right now, and for what I can speak of, I’m looking forward to getting ready to play football and put this in the past.”

I don’t really respect this answer, and not for the reason you may be thinking. Blackmon should feel free to drink as much as he wants in his free time. It’s the fact that he has gotten behind the wheel while impaired on multiple occasions that’s causing him all this troubles. Something tells me he’s driven while drunk more times than he has been caught. If Blackmon would just smarten up and realize the danger he’s putting himself and the general public in, he won’t find himself in a mess like this again.

Y!Sports Shutdown Corner: After recent DUI arrest, Justin Blackmon is ‘done drinking for now’


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