Detroit Lions Account for 24% of NFL Arrests This Year

Lions defensive tackle Nick Fairley, pondering his next arrest [KIDDING!]

I touched upon the New Bad Boys of Detroit in a piece last week. Today, the San Diego Union-Tribune took a look inside the numbers behind NFL arrests since the year 2000. The Detroit Free Press wasn’t exactly happy with what was uncovered:

The San Diego Union-Tribune took the time to compile every arrest and citation of an NFL player — for offenses greater than speeding tickets — since 2000. Let that sink in for a moment.

Then let this sink in: Your Detroit Lions have accounted for five of the 21 player arrests and citations this season (24%).

Defensive tackle Nick Fairley and running back Mikel Leshoure have been busted twice each, and offensive lineman Johnny Culbreath is lagging behind with just one.

Does that embarrass you, as a fan? Or would it be more embarrassing if the team went 5-11 this season?

As a Bears fan, my response is the following – LMAO!

At least Lions fans can claim they lead the league in something, right … Right!?

Detroit Free Press: Report: Lions have accounted for 24% of NFL arrests in 2012 ‡ San Diego Union-Tribune: NFL Arrests Database


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