Lance Briggs Supports Matt Forte’s Holdout

Lance Briggs has endured his own contract issues with the Chicago Bears.

Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs has expressed disappointment with the organization over contract issues a few times during his career with the team. After being hit with the franchise tag following the the 2006 season, Briggs stated that he was fed up with the organization’s treatment of its players. After empty threats of holding out, Briggs suited up for the 2007 season and was rewarded with a 6 year, $36 Million contract. However, three years into his new deal, Briggs complained that he had outperformed that deal and was willing to holdout during the 2012 season if he didn’t receive another lucrative contract. The Bears rewarded their disgruntled linebacker with a one year extension this past April.

Zach Zaidman of WSCR here in Chicago, Briggs expressed support for Matt Forte, who is engaged in a hold out over his own contract dispute with the team. From’s Around The League Blog:

“He isn’t letting me down. He isn’t letting any of the teammates down because it’s Matt’s life. Do what you believe. Because no one knows you like you. And no one’s going to take care of you like you.”

Briggs’ support of his fellow teammate is admirable, but the fact remains that the Bears won’t be offering a contract in any near the neighborhood of what Forte is seeking. His best bet is to join his teammates in mini-camp and prepare himself to have another strong season. That’s his best route in securing the long term offering he’s looking for.

NFL-ATL: Lance Briggs: “Matt Forte isn’t letting me down.”


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