Best Coach In New York Giants History: Parcells vs. Coughlin

The two most successful coaches in New York Giant history – Tom Coughlin and Bill Parcells.

From the New York Daily News:

Bill Parcells is considered the greatest coach in Giants history and is one of the favorites to be selected for the Pro Football Hall of Fame class of 2013. If Tom Coughlin has not completely closed the gap on Parcells as the best Giants coach of all time, he’s at least a big part of the conversation now that he’s tied Parcells with his second Super Bowl championship. I believe the edge goes to Parcells because he’s the one who changed the culture of the Giants and began this era of five Super Bowl appearances and four titles beginning with the first Super Bowl in 1986. In the last 26 seasons, the Giants have won more Super Bowls than any team (Pats and Cowboys have won three) and only the Patriots have been in more Super Bowls with six. One more Super Bowl championship, or even appearance, and Coughlin jumps over Parcells. – Gary Myers: “Bill Parcells vs. Tom Coughlin: When it comes to the best coach in NY Giants history, start the debate

The Tale of the Tape:

Tom Coughlin

  • Record as head coach of the Giants: 74-54
  • Playoff Record: 8-3
  • Super Bowl Appearances: 2
  • Super Bowl Wins: 2
  • Coaching Awards: 0

Bill Parcels

  • Record as head coach of the Giants: 77-49
  • Playoff Record: 8-3
  • Super Bowl Appearances: 3
  • Super Bowl Wins: 2
  • Awards: 2x AP NFL Coach of the Year
The lists of achievements by these two great coaches is about as even as it gets. Parcells may get the slight nod from the general public for having won more awards and a bit more regular season success. I’ll go with Coughlin as being the better coach. I believe it is arguably more difficult to win multiple Super Bowls in this era of the NFL. With the league, its players, and coaches working year round, 24/7 on their craft in an effort to gain a leg up on the competition, Coughlin has managed to motivate a team of underrated players and beat the dynasty known as the New England Patriots on two separate occasions. Those accomplishments should not be overlooked.

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