Will Chicago Ever Host A Super Bowl?

A view of Soldier Field from Lake Michigan

Don’t get your hopes up, Chicago football fans. The Chicago Tribune’s Dan Pompei stated the obvious (rather bluntly, I might add)

Windy City Mayor Rahm Emmanuel hosted NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for an event at Soldier Field earlier this week. From the Chicago Tribune:

Mayor Rahm Emanuel put the arm on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell today, making a case for a Super Bowl to be held at Soldier Field. Goodell was on hand to applaud the Bears and the Chicago Park District for making Soldier Field the first NFL stadium to receive LEED certification for its environmentally sustainable attributes.

But Emanuel said he had the Super Bowl on his mind when the two met privately before the news conference. “I found out a secret, and that is the commissioner’s in-laws live in the area, and I’m holding them hostage until that happens,” Emanuel said.

Chances are, no amount of arm-twisting (or hostage taking, for that matter) will help the Mayor’s dream come true.

If Chicago wanted to be host to a Super Bowl, it should have done two things differently in 2001 when the city decided to rebuild Soldier Field. It should have made the capacity significantly larger, and it should have put a dome over it. The roof wouldn’t have been as imperative to the chances of hosting a Super Bowl as increasing the number of seats, however.

Soldier Field holds only 63,500 fans. That’s the smallest capacity of any NFL stadium. Cowboys Stadium, by comparison, squeezed in a crowd of 103,219 for the Super Bowl in 2011.

And that, my Chicago friends, is why we’ll more than likely never see a Super Bowl here in the Greatest City In the World. 😦

Chicago Tribune – Emanuel makes pitch for Super Bowl at Soldier Field ‡ Don’t expect to see Super Bowl at Soldier Field


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