Ravens Hoping Terrell Suggs Can Return Late In The Year

There is some hope Terrell Suggs can play this season.

Earlier this month, Terrell Suggs suffered an Achilles tendon injury that put his season in jeopardy. Suggs went on to state that he would prove his doubters wrong and play during the 2012 season. The Baltimore Ravens are trying to remain optimistic for his return:

If Suggs can be believed, the Ravens might have their All-Pro linebacker back in the lineup by midseason, even though many assume it’ll be borderline miraculous if Baltimore gets much of anything at all out of him in 2012. The Ravens for now are holding out hope Suggs can recover quickly and perhaps play in a reduced role as a pass rusher late in the season, taking the field only on passing downs.

It would be a “borderline miracle” for Suggs to see the field this season. Achilles tears typically take a full year to recover from. I’m hoping Suggs does in fact prove his naysayers wrong. It just wouldn’t feel right watching the Ravens suffocating defense without his presence.

Sports Illustrated – Ravens confident that trademark defense can survive minus Suggs


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