Friends, Family Still Coming To Grips With Junior Seau’s Death

Junior Seau, seen here with his kids at a San Diego Chargers event ast November.

Almost a month later, friends and family of Junior Seau are dealing with more questions than answer’s regarding Seau’s suicide. USAToday interviewed over 50 people close to Seau to give a comprehensive look at the last days of his life.

Hours after Seau’s suicide, his 11-year-old son Hunter told his mother, Seau’s ex-wife Gina, what he’d seen while staying with his father a month earlier. Hunter got up around 3 a.m. to let out Rock, a pit bull-mastiff mix. His father’s bedroom light was on, so Hunter peeked in, as Gina relates his tale.

There was his dad, sitting up on his bed, wide awake, staring at the TV. But the TV wasn’t on. He wasn’t reading. He wasn’t writing. He was just staring.

“Dad, are you OK?” Hunter asked.

“Yes, son,” Seau said. “I’m fine.”

He wasn’t. Seau’s friends and family say he’d had trouble sleeping for years and often took powerful sleep aids, and not always as directed.

The accounts given are at times chilling and heartbreaking. However, the piece does end on an uplifting note – two of his children are on their way to following in their father’s footsteps and becoming college athletes in volleyball and lacrosse. Seau is sorely missed by his loved ones, but they are maintaining a positive outlook on the future.

USAToday Sports – Junior Seau’s final days plagued by sleepless nights


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